Ingrosso Bevande Bergamo

The Volpi shop or company was set up in 1956, started by Mario. They truly are the providers of wines, beverages, beers, and spirits, and sodas at wholesale price. They thankfully provide their products to organizers of festivals, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and only families and every one of them they provide retail and wholesale services. Besides, they also even install a tapping system for wine and beer onto the assumptions and at the food stands. The professional services that they have now already been carrying all the time for their clients for years and years are exemplary.

This bar is a place where Volpi renews their association with customers. They believe in a human relationship while the key to successful company and also that the activity they carry forwards is for the men and women who recognize and have confidence in them. They owe it to the respect and traditional values their company entitles. Volpi bar is in an way creating opportunities to satisfy customers and clients through wine tasting and many other drinks that they sell and furnish.

They assert a more favorable relationship to their customers as the secret of the success could be the relationship of trust with buyers. The value that helps to hold up a contest of Ingrosso Bibite Bergamo E Provincia with the others is now significantly more than years and much more callous. The company believes its customers as friends, and so that they really organize events occasionally at the Drink Shop and then greet them for expecting with special offers.

The Volpi Claudio wholesale drinks shop in Bergamo benefits people or their clients by supplying the beverages and lots of different drinks at a very low rate and by giving discounts on every sale. On purchasing the merchandise either for the celebrations of the festival, for businesses or two drinks in your home, the buyers receive 5 percent to 10% discounts.

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